Smart Service Solutions

SMART SERVICE SOLUTIONS gained their acknowledgement from the success of complex and most of all complete solutions and services, built not by patterns, but adapted directly to the requirements and needs of each client.

Envelope solutions (envelope stuffing ) through direct mailing

ensuring the printing, the sticking, the folding and the insertion of documents’ sets  in envelopes of various sizes -small, medium and large -, the sorting and the packing on mail course, taking into account also the types of delivery as well.

Envelope solutions (envelope stuffing)

Electronic data processing

Electronic data processing solutions providing variable electronic forms

management and processing of different types of documents with multiple pages and variable data, each of them dynamically personalized;

Some of the most representative applications implemented regarding the documents’ processing are

  • Statement of accounts;
  • Invoices;
  • Notices, payment reminders and notifications;
  • The processing of the return correspondence  and report the reasons of their return  according to Romanian Post criteria;
  • Loyalty correspondence;
  • Bills and taxes;
  • Salary evidence report (pay check);
  • Announcements of new products (leaflets);
  • Specific materials of marketing campaigns;
  • Processing of address database in order to obtain the TP discounts.

Digital Printing Solutions in black and white or in colour

for small, medium and large documents providing digital printing  of the documents with electronically processed data in high quality and efficiency;

Digital Printing

Adresses database processing

Database processing solutions for addresses

in order to attach the postal code and bring efficiency for mail sorting;

Offset printing of digital material production:

  • Commercial and internal forms on offset and carbonless duplicated paper in a continuous form or as leaflets, digitally stamped and bar codes.
  • The whole range of non-customized and customized envelopes;
  • Advertising materials: visit flyer cards, leaflets, posters, brochures, catalogues, personalized note books and boxes;
  • Visual signals: banners, mesh, frontlit, backlit, roll up, banner stand, pop up, x-banner.

Digital printing

Logistic solutions

The proposed logistic solutions are based on the following:

  • • Storage services;
  • Electronic purchase of the order;
  • Minimum quantities delivered on destinations;
  • Packaging, labelling;
  • Issue shipping documents, AWBs;
  • Delivery by courier for distribution to customer locations;
  • Processing of the return correspondence and report on the deliveries.

Taking into account the dynamic and competitive environment and the current  development lines, the outsourcing is a solution adopted by large companies with immediate results and made available by SMART SERVICE SOLUTIONS.